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Sault Ste Marie


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🏫🎒📏Introducing our Teacher's Relief Discount for Back To School Stress Relief! Now thru the end of September, we'll be offering 15% off to ALL Teachers that have a valid ID.🏫🎒📏

Vendor Days

9/22-9/24: Giving Tree Virtual

Vendor Day - PR 5/$20 - 3.5g 2/$40



Flower Ounce Deals

Everyday 28g $80 or 2/$150

Loudpax 28g $110 or 2/$200




Everyday 3.5g B2G1

Chronicseur Farms 3.5g $25

Cookies 3.5g 2/$60

Giving tree 3.5g 2/$50

Summit 3.5g 2/$40

Glo Farms 3.5g $25

Loudpax 3.5g B2G1

Spaceman 3.5g 2/$45 or 7g $40

Verde Valley 3.5g $25

Mac Pharms 3.5g $20 OR 2/$35

Peninsula Gardens 3.5g $15 or 2/$25

Uplyfted 3.5g $30

Wonderbrett 3.5g Jars $35




El Blunto 30% Off

Loudpax Tarantulas $10

Glorious/Superior Solventless 1g infused $20

Uplyfted $12 or 3/$30

Dragonfly, Everyday, Uncle J’s preroll 15/$30

Dragonfly 1g infused 4/$25

HY-R 1g infused 5/$35

Cali blaze 1g preroll 3/$15

Cali blaze 1g infused 2/$20

Spaceman 1g infused 3/$30




Flying High 200mg Gummies $10

Flight 200mg 3/$20

Fresh Coast 200mg 2/$15

Kushy punch 100mg 10/$30

Muha Mambas 3/$30

Everyday 200mg 2/$15

Midnight Roots 3/$25

Northern Connections Syrup 2/$35 or $20

Slapz 200mg $8

Wyld / Wana 30% off

100mg Edibles 15% off




Dragonfly/Liquid Gold 1g 6/$50

Fresh Coast 1g Live Resin Cart 11/$100

Fresh Coast .5g Live Rosin Distillate Cart $10

MKX 1g Cart 5/$50

Muha Meds 1g Disposables B2G1

Church .5g Disposable $20

STIIIZY 1g Disposable $35 or 2/$60

Eureka 1g Disposable $25

Mac Pharms .5 Hash Rosin Disposable $30

Terpene Tanks 1g Cart 2/$40

Crude Boys/Redbuds Roots 1g Cart 2/$30

Pv 1g Cart 4/$50

Gold crown 1g cart 6/$50

Loudpax .5 hash rosin cart $25




Anarchy 1g 9/$100

Gold Crown 1g 8/$100

GreenCo 1g 3/$45

Common Citizen 1g 5/$50

Lit Labs 1g 3/$35

FreshCoast 3.5g Bucket $45

Everyday 5g bucket $45 or 2/$80

Kola 1g B2G1

Hash Rosin 30% off


Supplies Last*

**All Deals are Subject to Change**

Weekly Deals:



Wyld Wednesday

30% OFF on ALL WYLD Gummies



New Customer Deals:

1st Time:

FREE Eighth of Everyday or Loudpax


FREE 1g Liquid Gold Cart or 200mg Everyday Edible

3rd Time:

FREE Everyday or Dragonfly Pre-Roll


Bring in a friend and both make a purchase to get a FREE Everyday or Dragonfly PreRoll

Restrictions may apply.

Discount does not stack.

Medical: Additional 10% Off


Recreational Only! Show us your MED card for 10% OFF REC!

More rewards for you!


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