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Hi, We're Nirvana.

We are on a mission to elevate your cannabis experience. ​


Nirvana Center Dispensaries is a group of Family-Owned and Operated State Licensed Marijuana Dispensaries founded in 2016, in Phoenix, Arizona.


We're across the country

We currently have 10 open dispensaries in Arizona, Michigan, and Maryland with plans to open more stores in Maine, Oregon, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Illinois, Ohio, and New Jersey.


We're Cultivators

Providing patients & customers with the highest quality cannabis has been our focus for almost a decade. ​ In our process, we’ve mastered how to cultivate the cleanest, purest cannabis strains from hand-grown, healthy plants.

We're Scientists

We believe in cannabis for all. So, in addition to our cultivation, we also craft quality, tested cannabis products, which are available in multiple brands and products in Arizona.


We're Nirvanists

Everyone walks into Nirvana looking for something, and it's our goal to meet your needs. A Nirvanist will work with you to curate a one-of-a-kind cannabis experience. One that’s as unique as you are.


We're Available

Select the nearest dispensary to view store details & menu.

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