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First Time Patients: 25% off everything!



Online orders: 10% off full priced items



Friday/Saturday/Sunday: $20 8ths everyday tier $30 8ths Craft tier



FLASH SALE: $65 1/2 Oz Select strains Full Buds (Sensi lime x Cherry Truffle, Sensi Lime, Agent Orange, Pre 98 Bubba)




Happy Hour: Mon-Fri

9-11AM: $6, $8 grams (5 gram limit)


12-3PM: For every $50 spent penny pre roll


6-9PM: $20 8ths everyday tier




Monday- 20% off all items (ex:flower)

Tuesday- Buy 1 get 1 50% off all items

Wednesday- 20% off all concentrates

Thursday- 20% off all edibles



ALL day everyday:

$15 shake 8ths

2 for $12 prerolls

2 for $45 350mg The Clear Disposable vapes


**All sales while supplies last**


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