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Saturday, October 1st, 2022


🤑Smokiez: BOGO!🤑


🍃$30 Shake Ounces

🍃$50-$120 Buds Ounces

🍃$40-$65 Half Ounces Starting

🍃$25-$35 Quarters

🍃$10 Eighths

🍃Chronicseur 3.5g $15 or 8/$100

🍃Seed Junky 3.5g $45 or 2/$80

🍃Hyman 3.5g $40

🍃HOG 3.5g 2/$50

🍃Gkua 3.5g $30


🌳Narvona Pre-Roll Pack 2.5g $20

🌳Oak Canna Pre-Roll 1g 5/$25 or 10/$45

🌳Tarantula Crude Boys 1g Pre-Roll 5/$45

🌳Redbud Roots Infused Pre-Roll 1.5g 2/$30

🌳Redbud Roots 2pk Pre-Roll 1g 5/$20

🌳Glacier Infused Blunts $15

🌳HOG 1.2g Pre-Roll $10


🍯3/$50 Mix & Match

(Hype/Fresh Coast/#Hash/Petro)

🍯Gold Crown 1g 3/$40 or 10/$95

🍯Lake Life Farms Bubble Hash 1g 2/$50

🍯Redbud Roots 1g 2/$35

🍯Cannalicious Sugar 1g $20

🍯True North 1g $15


🍬MKX Gummies 200mg 6/$50 or 15/$115

🍬MKX Gummies 100mg $6 or 10/$50

🍬Wyld 200mg 4/$50

🍬True North 200mg 5/$50

🍬Platinum/Tree Town Mix & Match 100mg 10/$40

🍬Quicky 100mg 6/$40

🍬Banned Gummies 200mg 4/$40

🍬Choice 100mg 7/$35

🍬Smokiez Chews 100mg 4/$30

🍬Monster 100mg 5/$30

🍬YouMist Sublingual Spray 300mg 2/$20

🍬CannabisPM 100mg 2/$20

🍬Hype Gummies 200mg 2/$15

🍬Wana 200mg $12

🍬Tree Town Gummies 2/$10


💨10/$100 Mix & Match

(Mitten, Social Vape, Platinum Vape, Tommy Chong's, Common Citizen, MKX)

💨3/$50 Mix & Match

(Redbud Roots, Fluresh, Fwaygo, Hype, Monster, Mac Oil)

💨Stiiizy 1g 2/$60

💨Gold Crown 1g 3/$40 or 10/$95

💨Select / Church 1g 2/$45

💨Pyramid Vapes 1g $15


Crude Boy Bundle $55

1g Vape/1g Tarantula Pre-Roll/1g Concentrate

8ths, Vapes & Concentrates COMBO

Pick one brand from each category! All for $60!

🌳8ths - Narvona, Redemption, Chronicseur, Terrapin

💨Vapes - Redbud Roots, Gold Crown, Fwaygo, Fresh Coast, MKX, Monster

🍯Concentrates - Gold Crown, Pyramid, Petro, Fresh Coast

💥First Time Patient Special🎇

1st visit receive a 30% discount!

2nd visit receive a 20% discount!

3rd visit receive a 10% discount!

Veterans receive 10% Off!

Senior Discount 10% Off!

Students receive 10% Off!

Refer A Friend 10% Off!

Free gift on your Birthday!

*No Stacking Discounts*

*All Deals Are While Supplies Last*

*Exclusions May Apply*

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