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Special Deals

Daily Deals 

Ask about your points! (3% on each purchase) Double points 9am -12 pm daily! | 1 point= $1 for you to spend



$45 Kind Tree 1g Cart

$20 Sunmed 0.5g or 4 for $70

$25 Bulldog & Kings & Queen 0.5g

25% Off Disposables



$20 All 1g Kief

$35 King & Queen & Cresco 1g

(excludes diamonds)


RSO,Topicals, & Tinctures

Buy 2 Get 1 Free



30% Off All Edibles



*NEW* $7 1g House Pre-rolls

$10 Sunmed and Gleaf 1g Pre-rolls (2 pk)

25% Off all Infused PRJ


$12 8th or $70 Oz

Sunmed Blueberry 21%,Forward Forum Cookies x Aliendog 17%, Shore RX Ghost OG ,Forward Gro Peyote Cookies 16%

$5/g- $15/8th- $55/14g- $90/28g

Sunmed Apple Fritter 25% Forward Green Gelato 25%

$18 Deli 8th or $120 Ounce

Avenue Flower SFV OG 22% Roll One Dutch Hawaiian 25%,Modern Member Berries 24%,Nature’s BG Skunk 22%, Modern GingerSnap 22%,Guava Lava 22%, Culta Gelato 25 x Dosidos 24% Grow West Neapolitan Space Cream 22%,Dr. K 24%,

$8/g- $25/8th- $40/7g- $75/14g -$145/28g

Culta Fresh Maker 25% ,%, Sunmed Cherry Pie OG 26%, Sunmed Pie Hoe 29%, Shore Rx Dosidos 26%


Nature’s Heritage Star 91 27%




$12 8th

Forward Gro Deep Sunset 21%,Forward Gro Phantom Cookies

$15 8th



*NEW*Miracle Grove 20%,Grow West Moonshine Daze 26%,*NEW* Deep Line Alchemy 18%Roll One Blueberry Charm 19%

$25 8th

Classic Cookies & Cream 29% *NEW* gLeaf Gspot 28%,*NEW*Good Green Cereal Milk 25%, Classix Peanut Butter Breath 27% District Gelato Cake 23%, %Shine Jack Herer 22% , Modern Papaya Cake 24%, Forward Gro Blue Coral 23% Grassroots Tropicanna Banana 24%, Modern Gould Dust 24%, Classix Jelly Breath 28%

$30 8th

*NEW*Modern Space Age Cake 29% *NEW* GLeaf Pinata 30%, Good Green OG Story 25% Good Green Burnt Toast 25%, Nature’s Sour Bobby 26%, Sunmed Voyager 28%,Grassroots Singapore Sling 26%


Sunmed Snoop Dogg21% Sunmed GMO X Skywalker 28% *NEW* gLeaf Sir Lando 33%, Tyson West Coast Toad 30% *NEW*District Lemon Royale 28% Sunmed Hazy Kush 27%,

$40 8th…

*NEW* Curio Malibu Pure Kush ,*NEW*Sunmed Pure Loco 29%, Rythm Afternoon Delight 33%, Curio Stargate 29%,


25% off Accessories and all Nirvana Hoodies/Gear


30% Off All Pre-packed quarters


30% Off all Last Chance shake

Did you know you can give us feedback about your experience on weedmaps and receive a $0.01 house pre-roll!

Universal Nirvana Maryland Deals

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