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Daily Deals 

Apache Junction:


Happy 4 Year Anniversary! 🥳🎉


Saturday Doorbusters 2/4: (AJ LOCATION ONLY)

All Day Doorbusters:

- FREE STIIIZY Half Gram Infused 40’s Preroll & 500mg OG Pod with $65+ STIIIZY purchase *Select strains. First 100*

- FREE OGEEZ Sleep Box with OGEEZ CBN Gummy purchase *First 15*

- FREE Origin Fifty One Live Rosin Disposable with Origin Fifty One purchase *First 50*

- FREE Nectar Farms Eighth (select strain) with Nectar Farms Eighth purchase *First 50*


8am & 4:20pm Doorbusters:

- FREE medicated products with any purchase!

- Clean Labs Caviar Cone *First 25*

- Clean Labs Cartridge *First 50*

- Pucks Gummy *First 50*


Additional Doorbusters: *while supplies last*

- Spend $75+ & receive 1 additional doorbuster

- Spend $100+ & receive 2 additional doorbusters

*Choose from the following list*

Sneakers Preroll

DRIP Edible

Kushy Punch

Canamo Concentrate

Summus (3.5g)

Summus Preroll

Abstrakt Batttery

MFused Twisted Disposable

Gas Pump Farms Preroll

Item 9 Infused Preroll

Genesis Preroll

Jukebox Preroll

Twisted Preroll

*Restrictions apply*


Saturday Raffles 2/4: (AJ LOCATON ONLY)

Clean Labs/Pucks:

- Purchase Clean Labs or Pucks & enter to win a Gift Basket!



- Purchase STIIIZY & enter to win a $500 Gift Card!



- Purchase DIME & enter to win exclusive DIME swag



- Purchase Abstrakt & enter to win 3 Abstrakt (1000mg) Cartridges + Swag


IO Extracts:

- Purchase IO Extracts & enter to win 5 Grams of IO Extracts



- Purchase PURE & enter to win 2 (100mg) PURE Gummy Tins, 1 (100mg) PURE Chew + Swag



- Purchase MFused & enter to win an MFused Gift Box



- Purchase Revelry & enter to win a Revelry Gift Box + Swag


Dr. Zodiak’s:

- Purchase Dr. Zodiaks & enter to win a Dr. Zodiak’s Valentine’s Day Box OR Backpack *5 Winners*


Gas Pump Farms:

- Purchase Gas Pump Farms & enter to win ½ OZ of Flower! (4 chances to win)


Good Things Coming/Jukebox:

- Purchase Good Things Coming or Jukebox & enter to win a Merch Basket!



- Purchase Summus & enter to win a custom Summus Hoodie! (2 chances to win)


Saturday Specials 2/4:

*Flower Deals:*

- BOGO Grow Sciences *ALL PRODUCTS. Mix & Match, equal or less value*

- BOGO Tree Junkie

- BOGO Shango Flower

- BOGO Mohave Flower

- BOGO LIT Flower

- BOGO Summus Flower

- BOGO Jukebox Eighths

- 2 for $70 Savvy 7g Flower

- $70 OZs Abundant Organics “Cookie Burn” Flower

- $65 OZs *select strains*

- $18 Indoor Grown Eighths *select strains*

*AJ Only:* BOGO Verano Essence Eighths *Mix & Match with Swift Lift Preroll Packs, excluding Iced*

*AJ Only:* BOGO 22Red Flower

*AJ Only:* $10 Eighths *10+ strains*


*Preroll Deals:*

- BOGO Summus Prerolls

- $4 Prerolls: HYS & Sublime

- 2 for $15 Vendor Prerolls: Gas Pump, Nectar Farms

*AJ Only:* BOGO Swift Lift Preroll Packs, excluding Iced *Mix & Match with Verano Essence Eighths*

*AJ Only:* BOGO Jeeter Infused Prerolls

*AJ Only:* BOGO 22Red Prerolls

- *AJ Only:*  BOGO WTF Blunts


*Cartridge Deals:*

- BOGO Grow Sciences *ALL PRODUCTS. Mix & Match, equal or less value*

- BOGO Select

- BOGO Item 9 Pods

- BOGO MFused, excluding Techniq

- 30% off MFused Techniq Sauce Tanks

- $16 Abstrakt Vapes (500mg)

- $24 Abstrakt Vapes (1000mg)

- $30 Dr. Zodiak’s Cartridges (500mg)

- $52 Dr. Zodiak’s Cartridges (1000mg)

- *AJ Only:* BOGO DIME

- *AJ Only:* BOGO DRIP Cartridges

- *AJ Only:*  BOGO STIIIZY Pods & LIIILs

- *AJ Only:*  BOGO IO Extracts Cartridges

- *AJ Only:* BOGO WTF Cartridges


*Concentrate Deals:*

- BOGO Grow Sciences *ALL PRODUCTS. Mix & Match, equal or less value*

- BOGO Holoh

- 40% off Glorious Extracts

- Mohave Shatter: 1g for $20 | 2g for $35 | 3g for $45 | 4g for $55 | 5g for $65

- *AJ Only:* BOGO IO Extracts

- *AJ Only:* BOGO DRIP Concentrates

- *AJ Only:*  BOGO WTF Concentrates

- *AJ Only:*  30% off Lost Dutchman


*Edible/Other Deals:*

- BOGO Grow Sciences *ALL PRODUCTS. Mix & Match, equal or less value*

- BOGO Pucks Gummies & Taffies

- BOGO RR Brothers & Catri

- BOGO Sofa King

- BOGO Angry Errl

- 3 for $24 SIP Drinks (100mg)

- *AJ Only:* BOGO Smokiez

- *AJ Only:* BOGO Kushy Punch

- *AJ Only:* BOGO WYLD

- *AJ Only:* BOGO DRIP Edibles

- *AJ Only:* BOGO Sublime Edibles

- *AJ Only:* BOGO Keef Cola

- *AJ Only:* BOGO Koala Edibles

- *AJ Only:* 40% off PURE Edibles


*Vendors On Site 2/4:*

- Pucks/Clean Labs from 8am to 10am

- Koala from 8am to 10am

- Abstrakt Vapes from 8am to 10am

- WTF/Sofa King/Angry Errl from 8am to 11am

- Smokiez from 8am to 11am

- IO Extracts from 8am to 11am

- DIME from 8am to 11am

- Mohave from 8am to 11am

- DJ Jetsteen from 8am to 12pm

- STIIIZY from 10am to 2pm

- OGEEZ from 10am to 2pm

- RR Brothers from 10am to 2pm

- Jaan Henna from 10am to 2pm

- Nug Jewels from 10am to 2pm

- Glassblower (@desibglass) from 10am to 2pm

- Good Things Coming from 11am to 2pm

- Grow Sciences from 11am to 2pm

- Phat Cheekz Food Truck from 11am to 5pm *FREE Food Plate with $75+ purchase while on site. First 150*

- DRIP/Kushy Punch from 12pm to 3pm

- Jeeter from 12pm to 3pm

- Genesis from 1pm to 3pm

- Summus from 1pm to 4pm

- MFused from 2pm to 4pm

- Dr. Zodiak’s from 2pm to 6pm

- Glorious Extracts from 2pm to 6pm

- Koala from 3pm to 5pm

- Gas Pump Farms from 3pm to 6pm

- Simply Twisted from 4pm to 8pm

- Verano from 4pm to 8pm + FREE Ice Cream from 4:20pm to 7:10pm with Verano purchase!


**Loyalty Program:**

- Nirvana Center Dispensaries appreciates our loyal returning patients, customers and staff who continue to purchase with us! Starting 10/1 Recreational, Medical and Employees will earn Loyalty Points that can be redeemed for money off your transaction. For every dollar spent, .25 points will be earned:

- 125 Points: $5 off Transaction

- 250 Points: $10 off Transaction

- 500 Points: $20 off Transaction

- 750 Points: $30 off Transaction

- 1000 Points: $40 off Transaction

*Maximum 1000 Points Redemption per Day. NO DOUBLE DISCOUNTS!*

Universal Nirvana Arizona Deals

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