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Cannabis dispensaries in Tempe, AZ

Cannabis dispensaries in  Tempe, AZ
Nirvana Center Recreational & Medical Cannabis Dispensary - Tempe, AZ

2715 S Hardy Dr, Tempe, AZ 85282, USA

Adult-Use Customers: 21+ years old with a valid government-issued ID

Medical Patients: Medical Marijuana Card required. 18+ years old.


Open Daily from 8AM to 10PM Monday: 8AM to 10PM Tuesday: 8AM to 10PM Wednesday: 8AM to 10PM Thursday: 8AM to 10PM Friday: 8AM to 10PM Saturday: 8AM to 10PM Sunday: 8AM to 10PM

What this Location Offers:


Nirvana Rewards members earn points with every purchase plus get exclusive access to drops and deals.

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